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Addressing Homelessness: Pilot Program

From June 12th, 2023 until September 29th, 2023 Education Training Center, Inc. provided services to The Vineyard, a ministry run organic farm that provided support to an unhoused population, around 20 people. For sixteen weeks (16) the Education Training Center, Inc. supported the homeless population and ministry. The organic farm, The Vineyard, is located in Rochester, New York in the 14605 zip code and Education Training Center, Inc. provided counseling, consultancy, and trainings to the unhoused community and the ministry of The Vineyard.


During the course of the sixteen (16) week pilot,180 sessions of counseling were completed to both the Ministry and the population at The Vineyard of approximately 20 people.



During the sixteen week (16) pilot program,  on average Education Training Center, Inc. provided six (6) hours a week of consultancy to the administration of The Vineyard, an affiliation of The Hub. Approximately 96 hours of consultancy was provided to The Vineyard in strategies, program development, organizational psychology, and mental health support and interventions.



Education Training Center, Inc. provided the population of The Vineyard with trainings including housing support and a seminar to assist in placing the unhoused population into housing. Also, Education Training Center, Inc. provided group meetings to discuss ongoing issues with the population.  


Crisis Support

Education Training Center, Inc. offered crisis support to the unhoused population residing at The Vineyard, who had the opportunity to contact Education Training Center, Inc. to deescalate crisis, process stressful situations, and gain skills and insight into issues they were facing.

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