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'curiosity is the invitation' 

We offer no mic, no list, no podium; roundtable organic discussion of poetry and life. 


Bring your bag of poems, or just your breath: 

listen, life is here. 

'The light of a candle
Is transferred to another candle

Spring twilight.'


There are four different meetings a month of the Ground and Sky Poetry Series, and one forthcoming publication:

Once Trees Bookclub which meets on Zoom at 7:00pm the first Monday of each month.
Please come and join the conversation, the emphasis is on relationship to the ideas more than the content of the book, read what you can, and join us if you'd like. 

Roundtable, the first Wednesday of every month, Ground and Sky meets in a hybrid option with the 'no mic, no list, no podium' format. Organic discussion of life and poetry.

We alternate every other month between Buffalo and Rochester for the in-person location.

Ground and Sky Workshop at 7:00pm, the third Wednesday of each month: three prompts (first half) and reciting (second half) what we have written with one another (optional). The Workshop is only on Zoom.

Roundtable, Amber Light Edition, no mic no list no podium (i.e., poetry, music and stories, all art forms welcome)  - third Friday at 7:00pm at Before Your Quiet Eyes in person and also on Zoom.

Ken Kelbaugh, bookstore owner of Before Your Quiet Eyes and publisher of the Holograph Series agreed to publish a Collection Anthology of our community poetry. We have a total of 13 poets, six submissions apiece. Publication is set for early 2024.

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